Booking information

Please also see the event terms and conditions. Where the Drive-In Booking Information differs from the standard Secret Group terms and conditions, the below Booking Information prevails.


Ticket Types

All tickets are Standard entries for 1 car with up to 5 passengers per car. During checkout, you will be asked to list the number of passengers, including children, as well as the size of your car. Only 1 ticket will show in the dropdown menu for the Standard ticket type - to book for multiple cars on the same or on different dates, please complete a booking for each car separately.

Vehicle Restrictions

To keep the Drive-In safe and fun for everyone, the following vehicle restrictions apply.

  • Not permitted are:
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles or scooters
  • Convertibles without roof
  • Cars with trailer attachments
  • Minibuses (7+ seats)
  • Buses
  • Caravans
  • Long wheelbase vans
  • HGVs

Dates, Times and Pricing

Screening times vary by weekday, please check carefully when booking. Gates open 45 minutes before the start of the event and arrival times will be staggered in the 45 minutes before start. The ticket buyer will receive an email with further details on their allocated time. Ticket prices vary by session and are available as off-peak and peak prices plus booking fees:

  • Dates/Times - Prices
  • Tue @ 19:00 - £55.00 +bkg
  • Wed @ 19:00 - £55.00 +bkg
  • Thu @ 19:00 - £55.00 +bkg
  • Fri @ 14:30 - £50.00 +bkg
  • Fri @ 19:00 - £57.50 +bkg
  • Sat @ 11:30 - £55.00 +bkg
  • Sat @ 15:30 - £57.50 +bkg
  • Sat @ 20:00 - £57.50 +bkg
  • Sun @ 11:30 - £55.00 +bkg
  • Sun @ 15:30 - £57.50 +bkg
  • Sun @ 20:00 - £55.00 +bkg

(Variations apply to the final week owing to the Summer Bank Holiday.)

NHS Staff Discount

Limited 50% discounted NHS Staff tickets are available for each session. An NHS Staff pass is required at check-in in order to gain access to the Drive-In. For further information on how to book a free companion ticket, please visit the Accessibility section.

Age Ratings

Each screening has its own age rating, ranging from U (Universal) to 18. Please check that the screening you are booking is suitable for all guests before you book. For further details on the UK age classifications visit the BBFC website.

Refunds and Exchanges

Refunds and Exchanges Please see our event terms and conditions for further details on our cancellation and refund policies.


Health & Safety Briefing

You must not leave your car unless it is for an essential trip (for instance, to the bathroom). You must not climb on the roof of your car for the safety of all guests and our team. If you drive a convertible car, please ensure that the roof is down before you enter the Drive-In location and keep the roof up until you have left the Drive-In.

We will send you Drive-In safety guidelines via email and remind you before the start of the performance. It is important that you are not late. If you arrive after the safety briefing, we will not be able to admit you.

House Rules

These are unprecedented times and we want you to be safe at all times. Maintain a safe distance to other guests and our team at all times, and if you do not need to leave your car, stay inside for the duration of the event. We reserve the right to remove you from the Drive-In event if you are in breach of the House Rules which are outlined in the safety briefings you receive before and during your visit at the Drive-In.

Food & Drinks

Hot and cold food, as well as soft and alcoholic beverages will be available to buy at the Drive-In events. Menus and availability may vary by session. To maintain social distancing measures, orders will be taken via an online system and delivered to your car once you have settled in. Further details on the order mechanism will be sent via email to the ticket buyer before your attendance.


The Drive-In events will be held outdoors and you may experience temperature changes inside your cars during the screening. Please dress in weather-appropriate clothing and feel free to bring a blanket or cushions. If it looks to be a chillier evening don’t forget your jumper. To prevent a flat battery, avoid using your lights, heating, or air conditioning for the duration of the screening.


To guarantee the best possible sound quality, we will provide you with a speaker for your car on arrival at the Drive-In. You will hand these back to a member of staff at the end of the screening to be sanitised after the session.


Bathrooms are available at the Drive-In and operate with social distancing measures. Please only leave your car if you need to use the bathroom, avoid leaving the car in groups, and queue at 2-metre intervals. Only parents accompanying a young child or a companion accompanying a vulnerable person may leave their car in a group of 2.


Our team will be wearing their biggest smiles under a face covering to keep them safe at work. We encourage you to follow the government’s guidelines regarding PPE for public spaces to help us maintain high safety standards at the Drive-In events.

Car Windows

In the interest of your safety, please only open your car window on the right hand side of the car when needed. If you would like to get hold of a member of our team in a non-emergency, please use your car lights to attract their attention.

Update 26th June 2020: following government guidance published in late June, you may open your windows and drive a convertible car with the roof down at the Drive-In, however please bear in mind that there may be noise and sound bleed from the surrounding areas. We recommend to open windows facing the empty lane next to your car, only. Please respect other guests and continue to check this page for updates as government guidance may change ahead of your attendance.


Arrival Time & Latest Access Time

It is important that you are not late. We will allocate you an arrival time between 15 and 45 minutes before the start of the performance to ensure that you have time to park and settle-in before the event starts. If you arrive later than the latest arrival time (15 minutes before for your screening start time, e.g. 18:45 for a 19:00 start), you may miss the mandatory Drive-In safety briefing and will not be permitted to enter.

End Times

End times vary subject to the start time and the film. Please check the start and finish times in the checkout before confirming your booking.


For a swift check-in experience, we ask that you arrive in your allocated arrival slot and follow the instructions from our Front of House team on arrival to your parking spot.


Cameras, Phones, Recording Devices

You may use your phone during the Drive-In experience, however, if you are seen recording the film or the performance, our staff will ask you to delete all footage immediately and confiscate the device. Your device will be returned to you at the end of the screening.

Prohibited Items

Do not bring weapons of any kind (including replicas), controlled substances, or animals to the Drive-In. Contraband items will be confiscated or discarded, and you may be asked to leave without re-entering.


Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is not permitted outside of your car. If you choose to smoke, please ensure that this will not affect fellow Drive-In attendees.

Payment Methods

All payments for food and drinks must be made online via the order app. Our team will not accept cash or card payments at the Drive-In.

At the end of your Drive-In Experience

Please do not leave any rubbish behind and make your way to the nearest exit as quickly as possible.

Attending without car

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate guests without cars at the event. Car rental or car share services operate widely in the UK and you will find a service near your home if you are keen to join us.


Companion Tickets

We provide free companion tickets for all guests with blue badges, recipients of DLA/PIP, and Freedom Pass holders. If you would like to attend with a companion, please contact us on before booking. A member of staff will be in touch with further details on how to book your free companion ticket and answer any questions you may have regarding your attendance.

Companions & Safe Distancing with Children

As a companion or a parent with under age children, you will be able to leave the car in a group to go to the bathroom. We ask you to maintain social distancing at all times when interacting with other guests and/or our team. Changing facilities for babies are available at the Drive-In site.

What to expect?

The Drive-In will include:

  • A Safety Briefing for you and fellow passengers
  • Loud music and noises as part of the screening
  • A pre-screening experience on an elevated stage (this will not be captioned)
  • Some flashing lights during the pre-screening experience
  • A full film screening without subtitles or captions
  • Accessible facilities in walking distance

Induction loop system/parking close to the screen

The screenings will not include subtitles or captions, however, we will have an induction loop system in place for each session. If you would like to make use of the induction loop, or secure a parking space closer to the screen, please email us on with the date and the time you will be attending and a member of staff will be in touch with further details.

Mobility scooters/wheelchairs

The Drive-In is designed as a car-based experience that does not require you to leave your vehicle to enjoy the event. The screening will take place on hard-standing ground and if you would like to reserve a parking space close to the accessible facilities, please email us on to let us know.


The event will not be physically strenuous, however please bear in mind that you must feel comfortable sitting in your car for 3-4 hours.

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