Secret Cinema presents Ghostbusters: The Gates of Gozer

Opening Online December 2021

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Age: 12+   System requirements

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    There’s something strange in your neighborhood! You gonna take the call?

    Travel back to the ‘80s and experience never-before-seen storylines based on the original film in this live virtual adventure. Get ready for the jaw-dropping detail of any Secret Cinema event, brought to you online and to a whole other level! Team up with the Ghostbusters to investigate paranormal activity, explore the infamous 550 Central Park West and uncover spine-chilling secrets from other dimensions. The world needs saving and you’re the one for the job!

    Immersive theatre. 3D binaural sound. Real ghostbusting.

    Become a Ghostbuster today!

    Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, or full trance mediums?

    Then the Paranormal Institute needs YOU. Become a Ghostbuster today.

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    Ticket Types  

    6 tickets per team
    10 teams per event

    Public Teams
    (Up to 6 Players)

    • Join forces with other ghost fanatics across the globe and experience another dimension in a public team of up to 6 players
    • Perfect when buying one 1 to 5 tickets
    • Tickets can be purchased by multiple people in a public team

    From £21.50 / $27.50

    Buy-Out Team
    (6 Players)

    • Round up your friends, family, or colleagues in a private team and get ready to bust some ghosts!
    • All 6 tickets must be purchased at once
    • Recommended ticket option for groups with children

    From £17.20 / $22

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    Virtual show information

    WHERE: Custom online platform

    WHEN: Running Wednesday-Sunday from 1st December 2021

    TIME: Convenient afternoon and evening time slots in both GMT and EST time zones

    LENGTH: 75 Minutes

    AGE: 12+

    TICKET: 1 ticket per person, 1 person per device. 6 tickets per team. 10 teams per event.

    TECHNICAL: Live actors, special effects, interactive games, motion-triggered filters, 3D binaural sound design, clues, ghostbusting, and perhaps a possession or two…


    • Latest browser version
    • Laptop/desktop (no mobile/tablet devices)
    • Webcam and Headphones/Speakers
    • Quad Core Processor and at least 4GB Ram
    • At least 3.5Mbps upload and 25Mpbs download speeds

    What to expect

    Live Virtual Experience

    Paranormal eliminators in training! Joining forces with new and old pals, you will take on the humble task of saving the world by tracking down and outsmarting the evil of alternate dimensions online.

    • A 75-minute online immersive adventure set in the world of Ghostbusters (1984)
    • Your own character backstory and costume suggestion
    • Live theatrical performance and interactions with characters you know and love
    • 3D binaural sound design transporting you to the ‘80s
    • Travel between digital locations and experience never-before-seen storylines
    • Motion-triggered special effects and filters plunging you into a new reality
    • Go head-to-head with other teams, solving puzzles, playing games and trapping ghosts
    • Access to exclusive Ghostbusters merch packages

    Coming soon


    Strictly 18+ | 2022 | NEW YORK CITY, USA and LONDON, UK

    Rounding up all the Ghostbusters for a top-secret, in-person paranormal mission across the city. Waddya waiting for? Register now and we’ll let you know when to charge up your proton pack to help save the world!

    Sign up now to register your interest

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    What is Secret Cinema?

    We bring your most loved stories to life through immersive experiences of unparalleled proportions. This time online. Expect an unforgettable evening as you surge into another dimension and the supernatural world of Ghostbusters (1984).

    Which film is this based on?

    This time, we travel back to the ‘80s and pick up right where the iconic story of Ghostbusters (1984) left off. Whilst some clues may still be lurking in the past, experience immersive new stories to unlock the Gates of Gozer.

    What happens during the night?

    Climb aboard Ecto-1 and zoom over to 550 Central Park West for 75mins of spine-chilling secrets and otherworldly surprises from other dimensions. Evil has returned. The Ghostbusters are in need of your help. Will you save the world or accidentally destroy it?

    Get ready for a wild ghostbusting adventure across dimensions. Rest assured, you may never look at slime the same again.

    Will there be a screening?

    Trust us, you’ll be too busy saving the world! It'll be one wild ride with less viewing and more ghostbusting. Make memories, make enemies, get caught up in a whole other reality.

    How will this differ from past Secret Worlds?

    Every Secret World is unique and although this is our first-ever virtual event, it will be just as vast and epic. Forget zoom calls or live streams, this live-action-genre-busting-virtual-game-meets-immersive-theatre-experience stands ready with custom missions, actor interaction, 3D binaural sound design and Ghostbusters storylines never before told.

    Put on your boiler suit, step into an alternate world, and bear witness to otherworldly happenings. Nothing will go back to the way it was before.

    Do I need to know/watch the film before I attend?

    Our Secret Worlds are open for all to explore, however, the more you know about the film the more you will get out of the experience. We recommend catching up on the highlights of the Ghostbusters’ story before you attend.

    How does the public show differ from the buyout?

    Buyouts mean you and your pals make up a full team, this is the best option if you have children. Public means spots are left open for other paranormal eliminators in training to join your team.

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    Booking Info

    The Experience

    This is an online virtual immersive experience which will be broadcast via an Online Live Stream hosted by Secret Cinema in GMT and EST Time Zones in the English language. Guests must have internet connectivity to join and it is recommended to screen on a laptop or a desktop computer for optimal viewing. The event is NOT in a physical location.

    Age Requirements

    All guests must be at least 12 years old and Ticket Buyers must be 18+. Guests may be required to show a valid photo ID in the form of Passports, National Identity Cards or valid Driving Licences in order to gain access to the experience. If you cannot provide valid photo ID upon request, you may not be able to access the experience.

    Event Access

    Accessing the Event

    Ticket holders will be emailed with a link to the show website where you will need to create an account or log in using your existing Secret Cinema account. Make sure to forward this on to your friends who are attending with you.

    Accessing the Event: Children

    Children aged between 12 and 17 are not permitted to create their own account on the website.

    Adult/guardian ticket holders who are 18+ will be able to create their own account on the website and create profiles for children aged between 12-17. This is to ensure we do not collect children’s data.

    Once the profiles have been created on the adult/guardian’s account, they will need to log in on the young person's device using their account credentials and use a child profile to access the event.

    System Requirements

    Every ticket holder must have the following items in order to take part in the event:

    • Modern, up-to-date browser
      • Latest versions of:
      • Google Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Apple Safari
      • or Microsoft Edge
    • Laptop or desktop (no mobile/tablet devices)
      • Supported operating systems:
      • Windows 10 or above
      • MacOS Catalina or above
    • Webcam and Headphones/Speakers
      • Headphones required for 3D binaural sound
    • Modern computer (made in last 5 years)
      • Quad Core Processor and at least 4GB Ram (8GB+ RAM recommended)
      • At least 1GB free disk space
    • Good internet connection
      • At least 3.5Mbps upload and 25Mpbs download speeds

    If you do not have these items you won’t be able to participate in the event.

    Recommendations for the best experience

    In order to have the best experience we recommend the following:

    • Make sure your WiFi is at full strength and sit in the same room as your WiFi router (keep other WiFi usage in your house to a minimum)
    • Use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet where possible
    • Disable any VPN you may have
    • Close all other browser tabs, video connections and background applications before opening the experience
    • Make sure you choose the correct camera and microphone settings, you’ll be asked to check this before the experience begins
    • Don’t use a tablet or mobile phone to access the experience, you must use a laptop or computer as the experience is designed for bigger screens

    Team Numbers

    There are 6 people in total in a team. Each event will have 10 teams maximum.


    Ticket Types

    All guests will have the option of buying a ‘Buy Out’ ticket type or a ‘Public Team’ ticket type.

    A Buy Out ticket type means that you will purchase all 6 tickets for your team.

    A Public Team ticket type means that you can purchase between 1-6 tickets and you may be mixed with people you don't know. For example, if you would like to buy 5 tickets, the remaining ticket can be purchased by someone else.

    Ticket Price

    Ticket prices vary by weekday or weekend to make the show more accessible. A full breakdown of your transaction can be seen in the checkout window, once you have selected tickets.

    Ticket Limits

    Tickets are limited to 6 per order. If you wish to buy more than 6 tickets you can make multiple purchases.

    Group Bookings

    Group bookings can be made in multiples of 6 by selecting a Buy Out ticket option for your team. If you would like to buy more than 6 tickets then you can add additional Buy Outs to your order or make multiple purchases. Buy Out ticket options will include a 25% discount at point of purchase.

    If you would like to book for a group of 60+ people, please email [email protected] with details of your requirements.

    Booking confirmation

    You will receive an email confirmation from [email protected] shortly after booking your tickets. If you cannot find the message in your inbox, please check your spam folder or contact [email protected] for assistance (do not make a second booking). Once your order has been processed it can neither be rescheduled nor cancelled. Please review your booking carefully before checking out.

    Ticket Transfers

    Tickets are issued in the buyer’s name and may be used by guests who are not the named ticket buyer. It is the ticket buyers responsibility to forward all event communications to the rest of their party.

    You will be able to retrieve PDF copies from if you have a Universe account.

    Please note:

    • If you checked out as a guest, you can still create an account with the booking email address at a later date
    • There is no need to transfer the tickets to other members in your group. You can forward them the PDF ticket you received via email

    The ticket buyer will be able to transfer ticket(s) to other guests on the Universe booking system up to 1 week before their attendance.


    Guests will be visible in the main Live Stream room, but will only be able to speak to other groups at specific times. In the smaller breakout rooms, personal interactions between members of the cast and participants will be possible and are encouraged.


    All tickets are non-refundable. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable except, subject to the terms and conditions, on cancellation of the Event by the Event Provider. In extenuating circumstances we may be able to assist in rescheduling your ticket to another date and session that has not already sold out but this is not guaranteed.

    Delayed Start Times

    Under exceptional circumstances we may move the start time of your event to the next available event by 15 minutes or 30 minutes maximum. You will be informed by email approximately 24 hours in advance and a new ticket will be reissued with the updated time. If you are unable to make the new time slot then you will be entitled to change the date of your ticket to a new event.


    This is a digital experience and participants will not physically interact with members of the cast or the Secret Cinema team. Please follow your local government advice on COVID-compliant gatherings.

    Covid Cancellation

    If Government restrictions or recommendations result in the cancellation or delay of the event, we will endeavour to reschedule your ticket. If we cannot reschedule your ticket to another date and session that hasn’t already sold out, we will issue you with a refund. This must be exercised within 2 weeks of the cancelled event. In this instance, please contact [email protected] for more information and make sure to include your ticket order number in your email.

    Event Timings

    Start and finish times are subject to your preferred attendance date and performance. All start and finish times are also listed in the checkout. Each performance is 75 minutes long.

    Latest Arrival

    The latest arrival times for all guests is 10 minutes after your start time. After this point you may not be admitted to the event.

    If guests arrive later than the stated times they will miss key performances and may no longer be admitted.

    Event Location

    This is an online experience which will take place worldwide. The times of all events are listed in GMT and EST time zones.


    Event Accessibility

    To allow us to respond to your individual access requirement, please contact [email protected] before booking and a member of the Customer Service team will be in touch.

    Blue Badge holders, Freedom Pass holders and PIP/DLA recipients are entitled to a free carer ticket. Please contact [email protected] to book your ticket.


    The Event will include:

    • Loud music and noises as part of the experience
    • Flashing lights and special effects as part of the experience
    • A selection of content without subtitles or captions


    If you require assistance during the event, please alert our moderators who will be able to assist you.


    Content Moderation

    In the interest of all guests, a moderator will monitor the event and remove guests who behave inappropriately. Guests who break the House Rules will be removed permanently and blocked from re-entry.


    We reserve the right to remove you from the Event if you are in breach of the House Rules which are outlined in the email communications the buyer receives ahead of their visit.

    We do not tolerate bad behaviour towards other guests, cast or crew members. If you are in breach of these rules we reserve the right to remove you from the Event.

    Dress Code

    The ticket buyer will receive an email with details on how to register on the event website where you can find details on the event, dress code, and props. This message needs to be forwarded to all guests in the group. All guests are encouraged to adhere to the dress code to fully enjoy your night and enrich other guests’ experience.

    Photography and Videography

    Cameras, mobile phones, and other recording devices must not be used. If you are seen to be using your device, you may be removed from the Event.

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